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Writing Consultant & PhD Candidate

I am passionate about helping students and clients succeed in their academic and professional goals. I offer the experience of over a decade in academia and more than five years of consulting with and advising students on learning and writing.


Professionally, I am a published author and the recipient of several prestigious funding awards. I have a strong track record of writing, editing and enhancing funding and grant proposals, as well as preparing manuscripts for publication.


I am excited to help you bring your writing to the next level!


Studying and learning support for students who are struggling to succeed academically while maintaining balance

Writing consultations for undergraduate and graduate students

Copy editing and manuscript preparation for writers of dissertations, academic publications, scholarships, funding applications and more


Studying and Learning Support

Adapt and Succeed

Hand Writing

Writing Consultations

Create and Communicate

Manuscript Preparation

Polish and Publish


Yvonne Findlay, BA Criminology (First Class)

Chelsea has been, by far, the best learning support I have had during my four years of undergraduate studies, at two universities on two continents. Her advice is constructive, and she is skilled in putting across her knowledge which has helped me improve the way I write. She would be my first choice for help with any piece of work and I can't recommend her highly enough to anyone who needs support to improve their writing. Many thanks, Chelsea, for helping me succeed!

Daelyn Carroll, undergraduate

Over the last two semesters, Chelsea’s services have helped to take my writing to a new level. She consistently provides critical advice in order to elevate my writing over the course of several appointments. Her easy-going attitude and her extensive grammatical knowledge make her an extremely capable instructor. She also supports her students’ ideas by dedicating each minute of the time slot to the individual student. I would highly recommend Chelsea to any level of client as she takes the time to get to know each and every client personally and she identifies their strengths and weaknesses in order to effectively improve their writing. Thanks Chelsea!

John Walsh, PhD, Assistant Professor of Classical Studies, University of Guelph

Chelsea is a skilled editor and a valued collaborator in the writing and research process. With an excellent eye for detail and keen precision, Chelsea provides the reliable and professional editing that is required in academic writing. She is versatile, efficient, timely, and meticulous in her work. It has been my pleasure to work with Chelsea on several projects. I will continue to rely on Chelsea to support my publication and writing, and I recommend her service to anyone who is interested in improving their own final product.

Helping you to succeed in the classroom, on the page, and beyond.



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