Writing Consultations

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The goal of a writing consultation is to leave you feeling more confident in your ability to write independently.​ Our shared purpose in a writing consultation is to go beyond traditional tutoring lessons to improve your writing while maintaining your unique voice and point of view. I will ensure that you leave each session feeling confident that you can use the skills you have learned after the session ends. 


Personal consultations offer high school, undergraduate and graduate students individualised advice and support in a collaborative learning environment. I will guide you through understanding the purpose of written assignments, brainstorming and planning an outline, making the leap from one style of writing to another, mastering a specific reference style, decrypting instructor feedback and more.

I tailor each 55-minute virtual session to your individual needs based on your level of experience, where you are in the writing process, and what kind of support you feel you need the most. Some examples of the topics we may address during our sessions are


Understanding your assignment

Structuring ideas

Clarity and flow

Sentence structure and syntax

Tonal shifts and unnatural phrasing

Word choice and vocabulary development

Grammar and punctuation

Proofreading and self-editing strategies

Effective use of sources

Citation, referencing and maintaining academic integrity

Please be advised that, due to a high volume of academic and professional obligations, these services are not available during the Winter 2021 semester. I look forward to supporting your learning goals in May 2021!

Guelph, ON

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